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go to the forums it tells you every thing

im tkell44 as on rs!

tell all your friends and we do ccs stuff too + halo reach



If you donate you will be admin and have your user or name on website!!! 

 selling runescape accounts tkell44,rangerpk you,pvppker44,magerok you4 there are some of my accounts.

if you want to buy one email me at tomkell44@hotmail.com or post of forums under buy/sell.

rangerpk you has 84 wc and getting higher mabey and has lot more high skills and tkell44 highest skill is range it is 85.


RSBot-126.jar RSBot-126.jar
Size : 1339 Kb
Type : jar

 here is the bot up there!

new bot! up there

vH OBCss2.rar vH OBCss2.rar
Size : 131 Kb
Type : rar

free css bot aimbot bhop speed....

there might be a advertiseing thing with it e.g it will say ever round only once www.valvehacks.com by bolo if that happends and you know how to fix or stop it tell me on forums or email tomkell44@hotmail.com you will get free perm admin on site!

camfrog pro code

$ 55 AUD

the pro codes for camfrog i will get it for you for $55 and give you code

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Rune Tips!

 donate = admin!

$1 for mod $3 admin or more first to donate anything it can be lower then $1 you get mod! mabey admin!!!

donater user go on forums if u donate tell me on forums or email me


rsbot.org is gone jagex took over. the new site is powerbot.org we got the same bot as them when it is update we add a new one and if you dl it it should update by its self or it will ask if you want to update.hope this site is a lot of help.

powerbot.org link here:http://www.powerbot.org/vb/

donate helps so much thank you.

 please donate to make this site better!


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